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Bird riddles.jpg

I am gray and small but definitely not a mouse (in spite of my name). Sometimes to make my nests I pluck hair directly from living animals! Peter-peter-peter is my song.


My eyes have red circles around them, like I've just stayed up all night. I can't see too well with them, but there's no problem with my voice: I love to sing and chatter all day long!


I am small and hard to find: I like to hide high in the trees. But you can recognize me by my black eyebrow stripe and my lemony crest. I am not afraid of cold weather, so I can fly very far north.

My name tells you how I sometimes feed: I like to stuff nuts into tree-crevices, then "hatch" them with my beak.


I don't play the violin or the flute, but I like to play the drums, with my beak, against a trunk. I find insects by digging into wood, making holes that other birds sometimes use!


On a brown trunk, you might not see me at all, because of my autumn-leaf color. I zigzag up trees looking for insects. My nest is like a little hammock!


I am a friendly and curious bird, in spite of my black mask. The number of "dees" in my call tells all my friends what kind of predator is coming. Better hide!


Small birds and animals watch out! I hunt at night, but also at dawn and dusk. I don't really screech: it's more of a whinny or a rattle.


With my wide wings I soar, waiting to spot something yummy that's moving far below. My eyes are exceptionally sharp.

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