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An early February Sun

Was melting snow, inspiring sprouts.

The creatures from their holes came out

Saying: "Spring at last has come!"


Young Bunny from his hutch hopped out

And brightly sang and danced and tapped

'Till from his after-midday nap

King Winter woke and gave a shout.


"Quit your dancing! Stop the sap!

February isn't Spring!

It's Winter still, and I'm the King!"

He blew 'till Bunny's ear-flaps flapped.


A hollow stump that once had been

A maple tree, with branches high

Stood on a snowy hill nearby,

A cozy shelter offering.


"This stump looks nice! Let's have a try,"

Young Bunny said, as in he peered,

Then in he hopped, and warmed his ears

And sighed a most contented sigh....


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